Mason jar lights are a fun holiday craft you can keep up all year

mason jar outdoor lights
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Do-it-yourself lighting doesn’t always sound like the best idea for us non-electricians. But DIY twinkle light mason jars are a very feasible way to create your own light fixture using Christmas lights. The best part? It’s evergreen enough to stay up all year.

The idea for a grapevine mason jar lighting cluster came from Robin at All Things Heart and Home. Inspired by a chandelier she made for her porch and needing some more light for when she read in the early morning, Robin turned to her favorite wide-mouthed mason jars and white Christmas lights to create an easy but innovative light string.

All Things Heart and Home

Robin used grapevine wire to create a handle around each mason jar rim and secured the rope by twisting the mason jar rims back on each container. She hung the jars from a swivel hook on her porch wall and put white lights into each so they appeared to be almost like fireflies caught in a jar once the lights were on.

The jars were hung at different heights using burlap ribbon so they looked a bit like a grape cluster.

All Things Heart and Home

Robin’s husband used a light socket adapter to plug in the lights but she said an extension cord works well too. We imagine battery-powered fairy lights might be another option if you don’t have an outlet to plug regular Christmas lights into.

One commenter suggested swapping the burlap ribbon for Christmas ribbon at holiday time to make the lights jars more seasonal.

Another idea for hanging the jars is to use old dry cleaner hangers that are bent into a handle shape as shown by the A Piece of Rainbow blog.

The Brought to You by Mom blog makes the jar light idea seasonal by putting ornaments in jars and lighting them up with a string of fairy lights strung between each.

What do you think? Would you try out this type of DIY light fixture?

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