Watching this green tea cake being made is mesmerizing (video)

Amanda Tastes/YouTube

I rarely turn down any opportunity to eat food, so the fact that I’m able to say this cake looks almost too good to eat is a big deal. Amanda Tastes made the most amazing matcha green tea mousse cake on YouTube, and this beautiful confection looks like a green-hued piece of heaven.

She used varying amounts of matcha powder to create a ombre effect from the cake’s center to the its edge. If you’re feeling stressed out, skip to the 5:21 mark of the video, at which point she pours the matcha mixtures to form perfect rings of different shades of green. It’s sure to be the most soothing part of your day. But warning—it’ll likely make you hungry, too.

She demonstrates how to make this cake for yourself step by step, but I’m guessing this recipe would take a few practice rounds to really get it right. The YouTuber is definitely an experienced baker—let’s just say that.

But, if you’re up for the challenge, then by all means—give this recipe a try. Because the end result will definitely be worth all of the hard work you put into it.

The recipe requires a scale to make sure your measurements are exact, sifting and whipping egg whites to form a meringue. If that sounds a little out of your league, don’t worry—I’m right there with you.

In any case, watching the video is oddly satisfying and certainly worth the seven minutes of your day it’ll take to view from beginning to end. Who knew food this gorgeous actually existed?

If this video has you craving matcha right now, that makes total sense. And if your baking skills aren’t quite at the ombre-cake level, some of these easier matcha recipes may be the ones for you.

These matcha cheesecake bars from the Cooking LSL blog, for example, have everything you need. The pale green color, the ease and the great, subtle matcha taste you’re dying for right about now.

Cooking LSL

You could also try these matcha mini muffins—because mixing up a batter and sticking it in the oven is so simple that even the most novice baker could do it.

Go Dairy Free

So, get in the kitchen and get ready to let your baking skills shine!


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