Mattel Is Going High-Tech With New Pictionary Air

Whether or not game night is a regular thing in your household, there’s no denying it has changed a bit. While many people still love classic family time where the old board games are taken out of the back of the closet, the more tech-savvy game lovers do things a bit differently.

Thanks to inventions like the Xbox and virtual reality headsets, many games now involve more than just sitting around the kitchen table. From dancing to things you normally wouldn’t be able to do at home, like bowling, technology has moved us far beyond a game of Monopoly.

Of course, there are still those of us who will never give up games we’ve been playing for decades, even if all that technology looks pretty enticing. And if Pictionary is your go-to on game night, you no longer have to choose between old and new school — they are officially going high-tech.


Just like the classic game, Mattel’s new Pictionary Air still involves two teams attempting to draw a word from a deck of cards. Instead of drawing on a giant piece of paper or whiteboard, however, players draw the word in the air using a giant light-up pen that puts the drawing onto the screen of a mobile device or TV in real time for all players to see. You will have to download a special app to play, but that is free.

Editors at CNET tried out the new game and noted in their video review that one of the challenges for players is that you can’t see what you just drew:

It looks cool, but there could be some tangible benefits to the change. Pictionary Air makes it possible to change up the game a bit, like giving players more or less time with customized time limits, and you can record the player in action or save drawings to share on social media.

Pictionary Air, which is for ages 8 and up, will be available in late June 2019 at Target and at other retailers by July 1 for $19.99.

Will you be trying it out or sticking with the old school way of playing the game?