Want To Get Paid To Sleep? Mattress Firm Is Hiring A ‘snoozetern’!

Are you a snoozer? Someone who really, really loves sleeping? How about savvy with social media? Well, if you fit this description — congrats, the perfect job has been created for you! The day where you actually get paid to sleep has finally come!

No, this isn’t a joke. Mattress Firm, the country’s largest mattress specialty retailer, announced that they’re looking for a “snoozetern” for the fall season to work at their “BEDQuarters” in Houston, Texas. The snoozetern will be a member of Mattress Firm’s social media team, according to the job listing.

In addition to sleeping on the job, day-to-day responsibilities will include giving the company’s social media followers an inside look at the “company’s culture” and new and upcoming products. The snoozetern will also create social media content to provide potential buyers with information to choose the best bed for their needs.

“We are excited to hire our first ever Snoozetern,” Scott Thaler, chief marketing officer, said in a press release. “It’s not every day that an intern is hired to sleep on the job, but that’s just one of many perks.”

This new position, which Mattress Firm also calls the “resident napper,” isn’t just a snooze fest. Other requirements will be to create video content, such as interviews with company employees and Houston locals on their sleeping habits, to share on social media platforms. If you ask me, this job sounds like a dream! Engaging with the community and getting to sleep?? #Winning!

“These campaigns will be designed to give consumers a preview of our new products, answers to real-time questions, a sneak peek into our company culture at BEDQuarters and introductions to the employees that obsess over finding the right bed for you,” Thaler said. “The Snoozetern will give consumers behind-the-scenes access to only the dreamiest interviews and several surprising locations that you will have to see to believe.”

The application page appropriately asks, “Want to be paid to sleep?” and encourages candidates to create a video telling them why he or she would be the best snoozetern. As for job qualifications, the first one listed is “proficient in napping, regardless of time of day.”


Sound like a fit for you? The application deadline is July 23, so dust off your resume!