This Mattress Just Made Cuddling So Much Easier

It’s nice to have someone to sleep next to in bed. Well, until your arm gets crushed and you’re no longer able to go back to sleep.

If you’re someone who enjoys sleeping with a companion, but have a hard time cuddling at night because it leaves you tossing and turning, you’ll want to check out this mattress made specifically for sharing a bed.

Appropriately named the “Cuddle Mattress,” this soft memory foam mattress was designed to make snuggling much more comfortable. Designer Mehdi Mojtabavi created the mattress by combining individual memory foam slats to form one mattress that’s filled with crevices for an arm or leg to slide into. You’ll no longer have to worry about your significant other crushing your arm, as you can just let it delicately rest in between one of the slats instead.

If this sounds like a dream to you, look no further: The mattress can be yours, but at a price. Currently, the Cuddle Mattress is retailing for $1,249 — but hey, for a good night’s sleep, it could be worth it.

The mattress is currently available in white, but the Cuddle Mattress website says that orange, blue and gray are coming soon.