Mauve Champagne Is The Perfect Shade Of Blonde For Fall

Just when you thought mulled wine hair was your pick for the upcoming fall season, along came mauve champagne hair, a subtle pink hue that works beautifully for blonde hair.

Sure, peanut butter and jelly hair sounds yummy and ghosted hair is definitely appropriate for Halloween, but mauve champagne hair might be a good pick for you if you’re looking for a fun change that’s pretty easy to achieve. But what exactly is it?

According to Arizona-based hairstylist Tara Nicole, mauve champagne is a new (much more colorful) spin on blonde balayage.

“METALLIC CHAMPAGNE MAUVE … Keep your eyes peeled,” Tara Nicole wrote on her Instagram post about the new hair trend. “This project is going to end up in something exciting!!!”

She continued: “And this color transforms in every light! Silver in one, dusty mauve in another, and hues of champagne coming through. So dope!!”

According to Allure, Tara Nicole was able to achieve the look by giving her client — who is naturally a dirty blonde — a full head of babylights that were then processed and lifted to platinum blonde. Tara Nicole then mixed together a mauve hue with ash-gray and violet dyes from the Pulp Riot Faction8 line, and also added in a rose-gold toner for a finishing touch. She then let the creation sit on her client’s hair for 25 minutes and — voila! The result is gorgeous mauve champagne hair.


Tara Nicole features several other fall-appropriate (and super fun) hair colors on her page, including rose gold hair and even a purple and blue look (shown below) that is perfect for brunettes. The stylist says this look is achieved with under lights, using several colors from Pulp Riot, including “Blush,” “Cleo” and “Velvet.”

How about you? Are you planning to try this gorgeous mauve champagne hair color trend for fall?