This May Actually Be The Smartest Flask In The World

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Usually when you bring a flask with you somewhere, you’re trying to be discreet. But once you whisk out that bottle, everyone can tell what’s inside and what you’re up to. If you really want to be more secretive with your booze, you’re going to want to have a flask that doesn’t scream “flask.”

Luckily, one such flask exists, and upon first glance, you might even think it’s someone cell phone—that’s because the iFlask by the Weku Group is made to look exactly like that. This clever flask is deigned to look like a smart phone, so no one will be suspicious when you pull out the vodka from your pocket. They’ll simply think you’re browsing Instagram or texting your family.

Weku Group

The iFlask holds up to five ounces of your favorite beverage, and there is even a bottle opener on the back—you know, for when the flask runs out and you’ve got yourself a beer from the bar. It’s sleek and black and made with stainless steel (because who wants to drink out of a plastic flask), and it comes with disposable funnels to minimize spillage when you’re loading it up. I can’t think of another flask that’s as classy as this one.

Weku Group

The iFlask retails for $29.95, but you can get your own for $15.99 through Simplemost Shop.

The iFlask makes a great gift for groomsmen or anyone who likes to spice up a night on the town without having to shell out on drinks. Stick it in your purse or in your pocket, but never go out worrying about getting caught for spiking your drink ever again.

And even though this “smartphone” can get you nice and tipsy, you won’t actually have to worry about any drunk dials with this baby. Sounds like a win-win to me!