McDonald’s Japan may be launching a line of french fry-scented perfumes

McDonald's French fries perfume
McDonald's Japan

Have you ever longed for a perfume that smelled like eau de french fry? If you can travel to Japan, you may just get your wish.

In a post on X, McDonald’s Japan just announced that the company is offering a limited-time perfume collection that simulates the scent of their french fries. In Japan, the McDonald’s restaurants offer a menu item called Shaka Shaka Potatoes, which is an order of fries that comes with a sachet of various different spices you can add.

According to Fresh Plaza, the perfume scents include the classic salted fries, as well as two scents that correspond to those seasoning packets: plum nori seaweed salt and garlic black pepper mayo seasoning.

Yes, you read that right. Two of the scents mimic the smells of seaweed and garlic.


The perfume’s packaging is made to look exactly like the iconic red carton of McDonald’s fries and like the Shaka Shaka flavor packaging. The post didn’t mention when these scents would be available or how much they would cost. Perhaps they’re just letting the public know so they can build up an appetite for the new products.

So far, many people on social media have reacted with disbelief or outright disgust.

“Yuck… usually wear fragrance to get that stuff out of clothes,” one Reddit user commented.

But another commenter seemed at least a little bit intrigued: “It has variations such as seaweed salt and mayo… both of which I wouldn’t really want to smell like in any context. But it is an interesting idea, I’d love to try them just to see how accurate it is,” said another Reddit commenter.

If you live in the U.S. — and you’re disappointed that you can’t incorporate a McDonald’s product into your beauty routine — take heart! You may not be able to buy McDonald’s perfume in America, but you can buy McDonald’s nail polish or press on nails!

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