After 32 Years, McDonald’s Employee With Down Syndrome Gets Heartfelt Goodbye

After working at a Massachusetts McDonald’s location for more than three decades, employee Freia David was recently treated to a beautiful retirement party. David spent 32 years manning the fry station, an exceptional accomplishment made all the more impressive by the fact that David has Down syndrome.

Charles River Center/Facebook

David started working at the McDonald’s, in the Boston suburb of Needham, in the 1980s when she was just 20 years old.

She lives at the Charles River Center, an assisted living facility for children and adults with developmental disabilities. The center works with local businesses in the area to provide employment and internship opportunities to people with disabilities, offering them the chance to enrich both their lives and their communities.

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Now retiring at the age of 52, David was honored by the entire town of Needham, as they were invited to join her retirement party (also, free french fries were offered which is a definitely a bonus). She was also awarded a certificate in recognition of her achievements.

Charles River Center/Facebook

“Freia’s smile, her enthusiasm and her daily hugs made our restaurant more than just a restaurant,” Timothy McCoy, the owner-operator of the Needham McDonald’s said. “She is loved and respected by all of our employees, customers and anyone she has come into contact with.”

At her party, David served up fries one last time, and discussed her plans for retirement which include taking programs at the Charles River Center, drawing and listening to oldies music.

Charles River Center/Facebook

“We are so sad that she is retiring, but very happy for the time we had to work with her,” McCoy said. “The McDonald’s of Needham will never be the same without Freia David.”