McDonald’s Is Testing All You Can Eat French Fries…There Goes The Diet

Let’s take a moment and think of the one thing that could make McDonald’s better. All you can eat fries, perhaps? Well, your wish is their command.

A whole new kind of Big Mac eating experience is coming to St. Joseph, Missouri, so if you live anywhere near there, get excited. And if you don’t— road trip, anyone?

Not sold on packing up your car to take the trek to Missouri just yet? You may change your mind once you hear this. The location is set to open in July, and according to News-Press Now, it will be a 6,500 square foot restaurant unlike any other.

This special McDonald’s will offer all you can eat fries, customizable menu options and table-side service.


“There really are hundreds of different choices to build the burger of your dreams,” Chris Habiger, the franchisee who is building the restaurant, tells the News-Press. “Once you’ve placed your order, you can find your seat because we’ll bring it out to you.”

It’ll also have a “party room” available for rent and a huge play area to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy your McFlurry in peace.

So, are you up for that road trip now? Will drive for all you can eat fries, am I right?

[h/t: Yahoo!]