McDonald’s has a spicy new limited-time sandwich

New Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy sandwiches from McDonald's

McDonald’s is introducing a brand-new menu item for fans of the McCrispy sandwich that are looking for a bit more spice.

The new Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy builds upon their McCrispy sandwich by adding an extra kick of flavor with a “bold, creamy and spice” Cajun ranch sauce, plus applewood smoked bacon and pickles on a toasted potato roll. It can also be ordered “deluxe” with tomatoes and lettuce.

New McDonald's Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy and Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe McCrispy

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A Southern-style fried chicken sandwich, the original McCrispy only includes pickles, no sauce or bacon, but it can also be ordered deluxe with tomato and lettuce and there is a spicy version that includes Spicy Pepper Sauce.

The new Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy is only available at participating locations for a limited time, so you’ll want to grab one soon. You can get the original McCrispy at restaurants nationwide year-round.

McDonald's McCrispy sandwich

This is the second time this year that McDonald’s has offered a limited-time upgrade to an existing sandwich.

The fast-food chain brought back their Double Big Mac in January, but it is already no longer available. The sandwich included four beef patties instead of two, plus pickles, lettuce, onions, cheese and, of course, Big Mac sauce.

You can still order an original Big Mac or a Chicken Big Mac now though May 28, which has everything a typical Big Mac does, but includes chicken patties instead of beef.

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac

McDonald’s also recently announced a collaboration with another popular chain to help make your mornings sweeter.

You’ll soon be able to grab Krispy Kreme doughnuts at McDonald’s in either individual doughnuts or a six-pack. The doughnuts are expected to rollout to participating locations this year, with nationwide expansion by 2026.

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