McDonald’s To Start Delivery With UberEATS In 2017

Have you ever had an insane craving for McDonald’s french fries? Or maybe a Chicken Nugget meal or a Big Mac?

Sometimes event the healthiest among us get a jonesin’ for fast-food. When that craving strikes, the only thing that will satisfy is McDonald’s and stat. But what if you don’t feel like leaving the house?

Well, good news, ya couch potatoes. McDonald’s is testing out delivery in 2017. Yep, you read that right. DELIVERY. Man, do they know their audience! Let’s face it: Sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house, especially if the weather’s bad. Now, you won’t have to! Let McDonald’s bring you fast-food goodness right to your front door.

How is this magic possible? Well, McDonald’s has teamed up with UberEATS, an app which offers food delivery at the tap of a button. Currently, UberEATS delivers to 50 cities around the world, and that number is expected to grow as the app skyrockets in popularity.

So who can take advantage of McDonald’s delivery? For now, it’ll only be the lucky folks who live in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, Florida, who will soon be able to order delivery from McDonald’s, with over 200 locations in these cities participating in the new delivery service. The delivery option begins in January 2017, and if it goes well, McDonald’s is expected to offer delivery at other locations across the country.

Currently, many other fast food joints offer delivery. For example, Burger King offers delivery, as does Taco Bell. It’s about time McDonald’s got in on this sweet racket. After all, when you’re in the mood for fast food, you’re probably feeling lazy and under the weather… so the last thing you want to do is get dressed and head out into the real world.

For those “blah” days, what could better than fast food delivered right to your door? Let’s just hope they don’t forget the ketchup!

h/t: Hello Giggles