McDonald’s To Phase Out Their Hi-C Orange Drink

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Are you a fan of Hi-C Orange Lavaburst? If you go to McDonald’s to get your fix, you may soon be out of luck. According to a leaked company memo posted on Reddit, the beverage will be phased out starting May 1. No word on why the popular beverage is being discontinued, but customers are bound to be upset. After all, people love their McDonald’s drinks, with some claiming Coke from McDonald’s tastes better than Coke elsewhere.

In fact, many customers have already taken to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Word is the orange drink will be replaced by a new beverage, Sprite TropicBerry. The beverage will be exclusive to McDonald’s. While fans may be outraged, this is not the first time McDonald’s has removed items from its menu.

For example, remember the option to Supersize your meal? Thanks in part to the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, which exposed the unhealthy nature of fast food, the restaurant discontinued this option that very same year. Other items that have gone by the wayside? McSalad Shakers, the Hula burger and even pizza, to name a few.

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If you just have to have your Hi-C Orange Lavaburst one more time, you can reportedly get your hands on it at McDonald’s until July. Otherwise, the sweet drink is available through Amazon, Target and Walmart.

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