13 Meditation Apps That Can Help Your Kids Manage Their Anxiety

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Author Anne Lamott once said in a TED talk that, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” She was so right, and meditation is one of the best ways to unplug. In fact, meditation can reduce anxiety, help you manage depression, improve self-compassion and enhance attention span and focus.

And even kids can enjoy the benefits of meditation. For kids as young as 2, practicing healthy emotional habits like mindfulness can help them build a foundation of mental resilience that allows them to handle whatever life throws at them when they’re older. And research suggests that mindfulness meditation can be an effective tool for kids with anxiety, ADHD, depression and more.

Luckily, mindfulness and meditation apps make it easier than ever to establish this healthy habit. Here are 13 apps (compatible with both iOS and Android unless noted) to make meditation a part of your family’s routine:

1. Breath, Think, Do With Sesame

Kids 4 and up learn the “Breathe, Think, Do” problem-solving method with this Sesame Street-inspired app. They help a cute monster calm down with breathing exercises.


2. Super Stretch Yoga HD

This iPad app encourages kids to move and breathe. It teaches basic yoga poses and stretching so kids 4 and up learn the mind-body connection.

3. Breathing Bubbles

This is an anxiety-fighting app that helps kids 5 and up learn to focus on joy and let go of worries. Manny the Manatee guides them through breathing exercises and visualization.

4. DreamyKid

This app guides children through meditations, visualizations and affirmations made just for them.

5. Wellbeyond Meditation for Kids

Made for kids 7 and up, this introduction to meditation offers guidance for breathing and reflecting.

6. Scape

This iPad music app offers a neverending listening experience with original ambient tunes. Kids ages 8 and up can combine shapes to create their own composition.

7. Drift Away

Kids 9 and up relax as they guide a bubble through natural obstacles.

8. Zen Bound 2 Universal

This puzzle game for those aged 9 and up is both beautiful and unique.

9. Stop, Breathe & Think

This app promises peace in five minutes with guided meditation for those aged 10 and up. Additionally, it donates 10 percent of net revenue to Tools for Peace. This non-profit helps “at-risk youth experience the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.”

Stop, Breathe & Think

10. Peek-a-Zoo by Duck Duck Moose

Children as young as 2 can learn to recognize different emotions and behaviors with the help of adorable animals in this fun app.

11. Headspace

One of the original meditation apps, Headspace relies on engaging cartoon videos to teach meditation. This app features guided meditations best for older kids and adults. However, the short meditations are suitable for younger children.

12. Smiling Mind

Made by an Australian non-profit, Smiling Mind features guided meditations. A soothing Aussie accent leads mindfulness exercises for different age groups. It involves a series of short breathing and awareness exercises. Children (and adults) learn how to be in the moment and achieve a sense of calm.

13. Mindfulness for Children

Designed by a Danish company, this app features three guided meditations for kids ages 5 and up. Kids can follow body scans, visualizations and breathing exercises.