Meet The 16-Year-Old Sneaker Mogul Whose Company Is On Track To Do $1 Million In Sales

It all started when he resold a $400 pair of shoes for $4,000.

Meet Benjamin Kapelushnik. He’s 16—and his business,, is on track to sell $1 million-worth of shoes this year. Not too shabby for a kid who hasn’t even finished high school yet.

His professional name is Benjamin “Kickz (benjaminkickz on Instagram). And he’s into sneakers in a big way. He has transformed the art of buying and reselling high-end sneakers into a very lucrative business. It all started when he bought a pair of Nike LeBron X MVP sneakers for $400—and then resold them for $4,000, according to Business Insider.

While sells a variety of sneakers, Air Jordans and the Kanye West/Adidas “Yeezy” line are the biggest sellers.


Judging from his Instagram snaps, this entrepreneurial young man is living life in the fast lane and hanging out with today’s big hip-hop stars. He was recently profiled in New York Magazine and Forbes.


Benjamin’s connections to and networking with the rich and the famous (he’s been photographed with Kanye West, among others) are what have given him such a high profile among so-called “sneakerheads,” people who collect pricey sneakers as a hobby.