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Meet Lucy, The 1 In 48 Million Baby Who Has The Same Birthday As Both Parents

Not only do this husband and wife share a birthday—now their baby shares it, too!

How often do you meet someone born on the same day as you? Chances are, most of have met a birthday twin or two.

But what if you ended up dating that person? Or not only dating them, but marrying them? The odds would be much lower. Well, how about if you meet someone born on the same day as you, marry him/her, and then have a baby together who is also born on the same day? At this point you are looking at odds of 1 in 48 million.

This is exactly what happened to Caitlin and Tom Perkins of Australia. The couple were both born on Aug. 16, 1986, just 50 minutes apart. When Caitlin became pregnant and the due date was set for August, of course everyone was thinking how cool it would be if baby arrived on mom’s and dad’s birthday—and, remarkably, she did. Aug. 16 rolled around and Caitlin went into labor naturally, making baby Lucy a beautiful birthday gift for both Caitlin and Tom.

The doctor who delivered little Lucy shared the story of this rare occurrence on Facebook:

Aug. 16 will forever be a very special day for this family as they celebrate three birthdays every year.