Meet The Cat That Has Protected His Human Since Before He Was Born

Animals always seem to have a way to sense when things are different around them. And in the case of Liel Ainmar Assayag, her adopted kitty, Panda, knew when she was pregnant and growing a little human inside of her.

She told, “Once I got pregnant she started following me around the house, tucking her head on my belly, purring.”

And now that baby Sean has arrived, Panda gets to be closer to him than ever. She told Love Meow that he was a bit confused at first. But once she realized it was the baby she’d been waiting 9 months for, she snuggled right up to him.

She continued, “Now, 3 months later, she jumps on the bed near him, smells him, sits next to him. You can clearly see she loves him from the beginning!”