Meet the senior women of ‘The Golden Bachelor’

'The Golden Bachelor' cast of women

On Sept. 28, Gerry Turner has a date with 22 women. The 72-year-old grandfather from Indiana is the star of ABC’s first “The Golden Bachelor,” and he’s looking for a high-energy companion who might join him on the pickleball court or the golf course. Will he find The One? If he does, it will be from among a group of women, hand-picked by the network, all of whom are in the age range of 60 to 75 years old.

ABC released a cast list and a teaser video that features brief snippets of interviews with the women who’ll be vying for Turner’s heart, all to the tune of Cher’s iconic pop song about believing in life after love, “Believe.” Most of them have been previously married. Many have children and grandchildren. It seems the “Bachelor” spinoff’s producers took Turner’s hobbies seriously, because scores of them play pickleball.

Below, take a look at photos of and bios of some of our favorites.

Anna, 61, Retired Nutritionist

Anna is an outdoorsy type from New Jersey who likes to travel, hike and ski. The most attention-grabbing fact in Anna’s bio? “When she dives with sharks, she goes cageless.” Sounds like an excellent TV date!


Sandra, 75, Retired Executive Assistant

This won’t be the first time on TV for this Georgia native; she’s also been a winner on “Wheel of Fortune.” She loves crafting, thrift shopping and playing racquetball. One exciting highlight from her bio is that she “isn’t afraid of showing some PDA when she likes someone.” Does this mean the camera might get invited inside on the Overnight Date?


Edith, 60, Retired Realtor

Edith is a California girl who loves to golf, travel and go salsa dancing. According to her bio, “Edith doesn’t do cold. Ever.” This shouldn’t be a problem on a show known for its hot tub moments.


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Kathy, 70, Retired Educational Consultant

Kathy’s a feisty Texan who reads 50 books a year and enjoys kayaking, hiking and skiing. Two potential red flags from her bio: “Kathy has two adorable geriatric cats.” (Is Turner a cat guy or dog guy or all-around animal guy?) And “Kathy is OBSESSED with Christmas.” Is she one of those people who starts holiday decorating in April? If so, that might be a problem — or the perfect fit.


Susan, 66, Wedding Officiant

Susan is a golfer and a music-lover who’s a big fan of Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. Her obvious physical resemblance to Kris Jenner might be a little less unsettling if she didn’t also dream of meeting the Kardashian matriarch. On the other hand, might this be an opportunity to lure Jenner onto the show for some love advice?


You can read more about all 22 of “The Golden Bachelor” contestants at ABC, or or wait for the premiere to air on Sept. 28.

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