Meghan Markle Gets A Group Hug From Kids At Prince Harry’s Urging — And The Video Is Adorable

Newly engaged couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been out and about a lot lately, delighting their fans everywhere they go. The scene was no different when they visited Star Hub, a community center in Cardiff, Wales, on Jan. 18.

Star Hub is part of GLL, a charitable social enterprise that supports leisure, health and community services. The famous couple seemed to have a great time with the kids there, enjoying a game of Jenga and taking in a street dance performance.

The sweetest moment, though, came when Prince Harry encouraged a group of kids to “give Meghan a group hug.” And, of course, the kids obliged.

Check out the touching moment caught on video in the clip below:

How cute! After the kids go in for a warm embrace, Prince Harry can be heard saying, “And release! She’s mine!” Aww, sounds like he’s smitten with his bride-to-be!

Prior to their visit to the center, the couple appeared at Cardiff Castle, where they were greeted with a throng of enthusiastic fans. They were late due to train delays, for which they apologized to the crowd, but their loyal devotees didn’t seem to mind. Even though they were tardy, the couple took the time to shake hands.

prince harry cardiff castle photo
Getty Images | Chris Jackson

A local named Linda Thompson was one of the many admirers on hand hoping to meet the couple. “I said to Harry ‘good choice of bride’ and he said ‘would you prefer a Welsh lady?’ and I said ‘no she’s beautiful,'” Thompson told Metro of her exchange with the prince.

Two other fans, Anne and Judy Daley, invited Markle to celebrate her “hen night” —  commonly known as a bachelorette party stateside — at the nightclubs Cardiff, to which the bride-to-be said she’d “love to.”

We can’t wait to see where this busy and charming couple pops up next!