Meghan Markle Had The Absolute Best Reaction to The Yankees’ Sweet Custom Gift for Baby Archie

June 30 marked the date for the first-ever Major League Baseball game to take place in London, so naturally, the MLB sent some of their best teams to square off. And of course, the royal family responded by sending two of their best to help kick off the historic event. You guessed it! The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox met at the field, but before the game took place, none other than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were there to wish the teams good luck.

The couple’s newborn son, baby Archie, was not in attendance, but that doesn’t mean the parents walked away without presents for the baby. Both teams presented gifts to the new parents, and Markle seemed especially touched by the gift presented by the Yankees. Just moments after stepping in to greet the team before the big game, the team’s manager, Aaron Boone presented the new parents a gift from the team.

“We want to congratulate you on the birth of your child and also present you with what we thought was a pretty cool gift. It’s for Archie,” Boone told the royal couple, revealing a mini-sized Yankees jersey customized with “Archie” on the back, along with the number 19, to signify the year the baby was born.

Both Markle and Prince Harry loved the gift, and their reaction was caught on video, which can be seen on the EPIC Moments YouTube channel:

Markle gasps as she receives the gift, and then says, “This is incredible. Thank you.”

Prince Harry was quick to joke that the Yankees beat the Red Sox’s baby gift saying, “You guys have beaten next door’s present.”

The Red Sox gifted the royal couple with a Boston Red Sox onesie for baby Archie. But, both are equally adorable, if you ask us!

The Yankees took to Twitter to say that they wanted to give this gift because “Nothing but the best [will do] for Baby Archie!”:

Meanwhile, the presentation of the gift from the Red Sox was nothing short of an “honor,” as they were pleased to be “Literally among royalty,” according to the team’s Twitter account:

The new parents showed off the tiny, adorable presents from each team.

Here’s the sweet gift from the Yankees:

prince harry meghan markle baseball photo
Getty Images | Handout

And the onesie (and tiny bat!) from the Red Sox is too cute:

prince harry meghan markle baseball photo
Getty Images | Handout

After the royal couple’s visit with each team, the game started. In the end, the Yankees walked away with the win, outscoring the Red Sox 12 to 8. But the real winner here? Baby Archie, most definitely!