Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog Is Living A Fairy Tale Life

A Dog's Dream Rescue

Meghan Markle’s life may seem like a fairy tale, but she is not the only one living in Kensington Palace who came from more humble beginnings. Her rescue dog, Guy, a beagle, has also moved to the United Kingdom.

In fact, people think they spotted Guy riding in the Queen’s car the day before Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry. (The pup in the vehicle might have been one of the Queen’s own dachshund-corgi mixes, though — it’s hard to tell!)

We don’t know for certain whether Guy rode with the Queen of England, or whether he stayed back at the couple’s home in London. However, if Markle is like other dog lovers, she probably considers her beagle to be a part of her family who joins important occasions.

Before Markle deleted her social media accounts upon getting with Prince Harry, the former actress posted several pictures of herself with Guy, including this one:


Guy’s rags-to-riches story is an amazing one. In 2015, he was reportedly left at a Kentucky kill-shelter and stayed there before being given a second chance by A Dog’s Dream Rescue, a Canadian-based rescue organization for beagles, Labs and coonhounds.

Markle reportedly came across a photo of the beagle on Petfinder. The then-actress met and decided to rescue the dog at an adoption event in Toronto, the city where she lived while filming her TV show “Suits.” Before the adoption, they took a trial walk together. It must have been love at first sight!

Here is a photo of Guy from A Dog’s Dream Rescue, which Markle might have seen online before adopting him:

“It’s just wonderful the exposure [Markle] created” for the charity, said Dolores Doherty, the founder of A Dog’s Dream Rescue, in an interview with People. “She could’ve bought a dog, but she chose to adopt.”

Bogart The Lab Mix

Guy is not Markle’s only rescue dog, however. She also was a dog mom to a Lab mix named Bogart and referred to the two dogs as “her boys” on Instagram.

However, unlike Guy, Bogart did not make the trip to the UK and is instead living with friends in Canada. In the couple’s first interview with the BBC following their engagement, the new Duchess of Sussex shared that she made the hard decision to leave him behind because Bogart was too old to travel abroad and make the transition to a new home. Her beloved pup is being cared for by “very close friends.”

While Guy’s canine sibling may have stayed behind in Canada, he will hardly be the only royal dog roaming around the grounds of Kensington Palace. The royal couple lives next door to Prince William and Kate Middleton, and their family has an English cocker spaniel named Lupo.

Of course, the Queen is famous for her beloved corgis. In the couple’s engagement interview, it became clear Markle has a special touch when it comes to dogs! Prince Harry jokingly complained that the Queen’s dogs have always barked at him, but when she first met the Queen, the corgis instantly loved Markle and didn’t bark.

With so many dog-lovers in the royal family, it seems that Guy the beagle will be living a very charmed life in his new role as a royal pet!

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