Why Is Meghan Markle Suddenly Wearing Blush Pink All The Time? Here Are Some Theories

Now that she’s officially the Duchess of Sussex, every detail of Meghan Markle’s appearance and behavior is being closely watched. From her tendency to wear slightly oversized shoes to her choices in nail polish, it seems that no detail is too small to scrutinize.

Recently, royal watchers have zeroed in on Markle’s seemingly new favorite color: blush pink. At several recent royal events, Markle has chosen to wear outfits in very similar shades of pink.

trooping the colour photo
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Most notably, there was the pink dress at Prince Charles’ birthday celebration, the controversial off-the-shoulder pink one at the Trooping the Colour parade and the button-heavy pink dress at the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards Ceremony. And this is novel because the previously unroyal Markle was never photographed wearing pink on the red carpet or at public events, at least as far as we know.

So what could this mean? Here are some theories that royal watchers and Markle fans have come up with to explain her new fondness for pink pastels:

Blush Pink Looks Great On Her

The simplest answer is often the right one! Perhaps the duchess is wearing a lot of pink because she recently realized that she looks great in it. Or perhaps a new wardrobe stylist she’s working with showed her how wonderful it looks on her. It doesn’t take a genius to pick up on how well blush pink offsets Markle’s skin tone.

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It Has A Psychologically Calming Effect

According to a color expert that spoke to Britain’s Daily Mail, an outfit featuring soft pink can have a calming affect on the person wearing it. And, considering how stressful being a new royal must be, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the duchess might subconsciously choose a shade that channels calmness. Pink is also the color of romantic love, so she might also be communicating just how in love she is with her new husband Prince Harry, claimed the expert.

Pale Pink Won’t Ever Clash With The Queen

Another theory for why Markle is suddenly wearing muted pink? It might be a show of respect for the queen, claims a fashion expert. We all know that Elizabeth enjoys wearing a rainbow of colors, so by wearing soft pink, the duchess might be trying to avoid drawing too much attention to herself and away from the monarch. Because, let’s face it, if Markle showed up in polka dots or anything that wasn’t a soft neutral to a royal event alongside the queen, that’s all anyone would be talking about for days.

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Pink Is On-Trend For Summer 2018

Perhaps it’s because all of the most recent events she has attended have been daytime and outdoors in the summertime that Markle has chosen pastel pink clothes. As great as she’s looked in dark-colored suits and navy tones in the past, those colors don’t exactly scream “English summer garden party.” In fact, “ice-cream pastels” were declared by British Harper’s Bazaar magazine as the “it” colors for spring and summer 2018, so perhaps the duchess is just right on trend.

The Duchess’ Style Has Evolved Since She Became Royal

As an up-and-coming actress, Markle’s fashion sense wasn’t always as sophisticated as it is currently. In fact, after she started dating Prince Harry, some noted that there was a shift in her style. So, now as a newly minted duchess, her fashion sensibilities may be evolving again. She may even look to her fellow royals for wardrobe cues, especially since Princess Diana was a fan of pink frocks and Duchess Kate has worn her share of pink dresses over the years.

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What do you think of Duchess Meghan’s style evolution — is it too conservative or just right for her new lifestyle?