Watch ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress Melissa Rauch’s powerful PSA about miscarriage

Statistics show that up to 30 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Despite the fact that pregnancy loss is such a common occurrence, many women still struggle with speaking openly about their experiences. Now, “Big Bang Theory” star Melissa Rauch, along with a number of other women, including Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan, are doing their part to lessen the stigma around miscarriage.

They created a public service announcement, posted to Rauch’s Instagram, that features 15 women speaking about their experiences with miscarriage. The women state the number of pregnancy losses they’ve endured and offer words of encouragement: “Please know, if you are going through this now, you did nothing wrong,” “It’s not your fault,” and “You are not alone.”

Watch the whole powerful video below:

The PSA accompanies an essay Rauch wrote for Glamour about her decision to create the candid video. After penning an earlier essay about her experience with miscarriage for the magazine, Rauch was inspired by those who reached out to her to let her know that they, too, shared her pain.

“So, in honor of Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month, I was fortunate enough to gather a group of amazing women who came together to make this video. It’s intended to be a visual and verbal letter of comfort to those who have gone through a loss or are experiencing the pain of one currently, while also chipping away at the prevailing silence around the topic,” she wrote.

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Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy

People on social media expressed their gratitude for her candor on this personal and important topic.

“Thank you @themelissarauch and everyone who has bravely shared their story. We stand with you and for you,” read one comment.

“I had two! Love these brave women. It’s hard but we keep going in search of a beautiful family,” another commenter wrote.

After suffering a miscarriage, Rauch is now once again expecting. Kudos to her and the rest of the women who participated in this video for bringing attention to an issue to affects so many, and best wishes to the actress for a healthy pregnancy.