These ‘Memory Pillows’ Are A Sweet Way To Remember Loved Ones

Those who have lost loved ones know just how comforting it can be when, say, a song comes on the radio that conjures up sweet memories. Or maybe a joke gets told that reminds you of sharing a laugh with a beloved family member who has since passed on. Perhaps it’s a woodsy smell that dials up memories of your grandfather’s cologne.

Reveling in those moments might be just what you need to grieve, while also holding on to cherished memories.

That’s why we’re loving this relatively new idea for “memory pillows.” The idea: Re-purpose a loved one’s favorite button-up shirt as a pillow covering, with a sweet tribute sewn in the corner. Etsy seller Debbie Rofstad’s pillows say, “This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it know that I’m there. Love, Dad.”

Debbie Rofstad

We love the idea because unlike many other keepsakes, these memory pillows are functional and can serve as a continual reminder of your loved one. Plus, button-up flannels make for an especially cozy keepsake.

Making throw pillow coverings out of old T-shirts is a fairly easy DIY project you can tackle, even if you don’t know how to sew. Ready to make your own memory pillow as a remembrance token?

The Budget Girl blog gives some simple instructions for how you can transform button-up shirts into pillows in a tutorial here. She outlines sew and no-sew instructions. If you go the easier, no-sew route, you’ll need some fabric scissors, Stitch Witchery Heavy Duty Tape, pins, seamstress tape and a sewing marker.

Debbie Rofstad

Another “memory pillow” idea that we adore is one that captures your loved one’s handwriting. For example, if you’ve got a card with your grandma’s beautiful penmanship, that treasured note can be put on a pillow by the SunnyHunnyBee at her Etsy shop.

We think these memory pillows are a wonderful idea for a bereavement gift to help a family member or friend who is grieving a loss.

[h/t: Shareably]