Why Some Men Are Choosing To Paint One Fingernail

The term “polished man” is taking on a whole new meaning. Now, it doesn’t have to do with a dapper gentleman. Well, at least not entirely.

After traveling to Cambodia and meeting a little girl, Thea, who had suffered sexual and physical abuse from the ages of 8–10, Elliot Costello’s life was never the same. He formed a special connection with Thea, and after one night of painting each other’s nails, he vowed that he would always have one nail painted to represent her and the other one in five children who endure abuse.

The statement-making initiative he founded, #PolishedMan, encourages other men to do the same. By painting one nail, men can raise awareness about this issue.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/p39jSfKY_gg”]

Awareness will bring donations and that can help to put a stop to violent acts committed against children.

@anthonyselemidis has painted his on International Day of #NonViolence. He is a #PolishedMan. Nailed it.

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I’ve never heard of a better reason to slick some lacquer onto your nails. So, get those polishes ready! Watch the video and visit the Polished Man website to find out more about how remembering the one in five children can help.

[h/t: A Plus]