Change up your Halloween decor with these mermaid skeletons

From toast to Frappuccinos and even skincare items at Bath and Body Works, mermaids have been a popular trend over the last few years (right up there with unicorns, of course). Once summer is over, however, mermaids tend to take a backseat to spookier creatures like ghosts, witches and that staple of Halloween decor: skeletons.

This year, if you love a creepy skeleton but also miss mermaid season, you’re in luck! Oriental Trading has merged two seasons into one and created a fin-tastic decoration you are definitely going to need this Halloween.


This life-size mermaid skeleton measures nearly six feet tall if suspended upright, though it would also look amazing reclining on a table or propped up on a rock. It’s so large, it can definitely be a standalone decoration or it would make the perfect addition to a pirate-themed decor tableau!

Oriental Trading

At the time of publication, the skeleton mermaid is selling for $69.98, a 22-percent savings from the usual price of $89.79. Reviews on the Oriental Trading product page average out to around four out of five stars, with some people saying it is “well worth the money” and others claiming the quality of the skeleton is poor. The general consensus seems to be that it is seriously cool, but harder to pose than the standard skeleton.

There is a note on Oriental Trading’s website, however, saying the product was improved based on customer feedback, so there’s a chance changes have been made since some reviews were posted.

And if you can manage to pose the mermaid skeleton just right, as Instagram user @hauntjaunts does in this snap, it makes for some ghoulishly comical Halloween bathroom decor.

If you’re not willing to shell out $70, you can find smaller mermaid skeletons at Michael’s stores, including one for $7.99 and one for $16.99.

Will you be purchasing some mermaid skeletons for your Halloween display this year?