Mermaid Thighs Are The New Thigh Gap

Best news we've heard in a while!

Mermaids have always been associated with beauty. You might even call them a sex symbol, of sorts. In any case, no one should be offended by being associated with these sleek and gorgeous creatures. So why not tag yourself as one?

That’s what thousands of women are doing in this fierce new positive body movement. Women are posting pictures of their thighs touching with the hashtag “mermaid thighs.” The idea is that by having their thighs touch they are one step closer to becoming a mermaid.

The trend directly follows the thigh gap movement that created controversy all over Instagram and Twitter. Hashtag “thigh gap” celebrated thighs that don’t touch—an unattainable standard of beauty for most female bodies. Even worse, it became a point of shame for those who don’t possess a 1- to 2-inch gap.

Sigh. It’s not always easy to remember, as Ameliska reminds us in her Instagram post that she hashtagged #mermaidthighs, to “Treat yourself with kindness,” so it’s great that movements like this one have gone viral:

So, whether your thighs touch or they don’t, there is now a hashtag to celebrate your body just the way it is. Women should be proud of their differences and love their bodies, no matter what the shape or size — as is in her post:

That’s why this is a positive body movement we can all get behind. Keep posting mermaids, you are inspiring.