Mermen Style Is A Thing: Men Dyeing Their Hair Amazing Colors

There’s been plenty of pastel coloring happening lately. So much so, even the guys have started partaking in the trend, dying their hair and beards in turquoise, pale pinks and more. And we call this, merman style, ladies and gentlemen.

See how these men pulled off under the sea looks by dying everything from their facial hair to the hair on their heads in not-so-subtle pastel hues. And let me tell you, Ariel’s got nothing on these men!

Even the dog approves of this purple hue.

You can even go multicolored with the Merman Trend.

Or go all multicolored just in the beard.

Wear pastel colors to take your Merman vibe to a whole other level.

Keep some of your hair natural and mix in some of the ocean vibes with higlights.

I’m loving how he’s styled his sea foam colored hair to look like a wave.

Merman mohawks are pretty cool.

Turquoise eyebrows, beard and hair is such a great combination.

All over purple’s a good look, too.

Ok, he looks like a Merman, for real!

These men are pulling off the trend almost too well. So, do you have enough inspiration to try the whole Merman thing out for yourself? Come on, all of the cool guys are doing it!

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