Mexican McDonald’s Has Oreo Ice Cream Cones And We Want Them, Too!

The only thing better than McDonald’s soft serve is McDonald’s soft serve in Oreo ice cream cones. Am I right? Well, this magical treat does exist. But unfortunately, it has yet to come to the United States.

PopSugar points out that the latest social media dessert phenomenon hails from Mexico.

The Cono Oreo is only available at Mexican McDonald’s locations.  So if you were planning to head to Mexico this summer, then your trip just got a little sweeter.

McDonald’s American menus have Oreo McFlurries, so there is a way to combine ice cream and Oreos. But an Oreo cone takes things to the next level.

So, McDonald’s, if you’re listening, add this to U.S. menus, too, please!

oreo ice cream cones

Comparing Cono Oreo To Other Fast Food Fads

As far as unique fast food creations, I can definitely support Oreo ice cream cones. On the other hand, Mac ‘N Cheetos, which make their comeback this summer at Burger King, has me on the fence. Why mix classic snack foods together like that?

The Oreo cone, though, sticks to a classic treat and bucks the trend of the strange Oreo flavor combinations.

There have been Blueberry Pie Oreos, Birthday Cake Oreos and more created.  But in this case — you just can’t beat a classic.

Make Your Own Oreo Ice Cream Cones

If you can’t afford a trip to Mexico just to try out this ice cream concoction,  then try to recreate it at home.

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This recipe uses crescent roll dough as a base, but then it’s rolled in pulverized Oreo bits and baked in the oven.

That sounds pretty amazing. At least now there’s a way you can get in on the Oreo ice cream cones no matter where you live!

But, making cones from scratch takes time and preparation. So, McDonald’s, we’re not letting you off the hook just yet. Your move, Mickey D’s.