Mexican Shepherd’s Pie Is A Spicy Twist On The Classic Recipe

Classic shepherd’s pie consists of vegetables, meat and gravy topped with mashed potatoes and, as anyone who’s had it will tell you, it makes for an all-round hearty and wholesome meal. But, if you’re looking to switch up this family dinner staple, you’ll definitely want to try this Mexican-inspired version of shepherd’s pie that we found.

The recipe from Betty Crocker is sure to spice up an average weeknight, but will still offer something for the entire family to love. It differs from a shepherd’s pie in that it calls for ingredients such as salsa, cumin and green onion for added Mexican-style flavor, but it still uses ground beef as a base and covers the mixture in creamy mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. So, like we said — they’ll be no complaints when this dish reaches the table!

You can feel free to garnish with cilantro, tomatoes, tortilla chips or cream cheese. Load this up similarly to how you would a taco to make the meal customizable for added flavor and fun!

Betty Crocker

Not only is this version able to be customized to suit certain tastes, but it’s also super easy to make, given that it calls for Betty Crocker loaded mashed potatoes. These can be easily made by adding water, milk and butter — without the peeling and mashing of potatoes by hand, in case you’re looking to skip a few steps while cooking. (And who isn’t?)

For even more of a Mexican twist, you can follow along with this recipe from Must Love Home, which uses spicy chorizo and ground chicken instead of ground beef. It also swaps the cheddar cheese for pepper jack to give the meal even more of a kick.

This version does call for making the mashed potatoes from scratch, but you can always sub in an instant mix if you’d like, or go all-in and make up a batch of delicious, creamy mashed potatoes yourself!

Must Love Home

This new take on a classic recipe might just become a new family favorite. So … Mexican shepherd’s pie for dinner tonight?