These Meyer lemon shortbread wreaths will be the stars of the cookie exchange


The holidays mean more than gift buying and receiving. One of the highlights of this special time of year has to be all the delicious baked goodies! A classic gingerbread, some fun holiday reindeer cookies or even some homemade fruity nougat candy make any table sweeter this season.

If you’re looking to add a new holiday cookie to your recipe collection, how about taking a page from a master baker’s book? We’re talking about Martha Stewart’s Meyer Lemon Shortbread Wreath Cookies.


Even though some people may not consider lemon cookies as a quintessential holiday cookie, these flaky and light cookies melt in the mouth with a burst of sweet, fresh flavor welcome at any winter table. That’s because of the Meyer lemons.

This variety of lemon does not have the typical sour flavor the yellow citrus fruit is known for. According to the Food Network, a Meyer lemon is believed to be a hybrid between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange. This makes it smaller and sweeter than the ones we usually get.

Meyer Lemons can be a bit pricey at the store, but they are worth it for their juiciness and flavor. And, if you’re looking for a fun indoor gardening project, consider planning a Meyer lemon tree in a pot in your home. The trees are compact and almost guarantee a fruit harvest.


These cookies come together with basic ingredients (beyond the Meyer lemons for both zesting and juicing). You’ll need butter, confectioner’s sugar, kosher salt, all-purpose flour, eggs and sugar. For decorating, you’ll also want fresh springs of rosemary and thyme, plus red white and green candies: think pearls or nonpareils. Of course, you could use different frosting colors if you prefer.

Mixing up these cookies is very simple, as it follows a basic shortbread recipe with the addition of a few flavors. However, you will need a few hours to allow the dough to chill. A chilled dough preserves the flaky texture everyone loves in a shortbread cookie. So, be patient as you roll the dough out and cut your cookies — the recipe recommends a 3-inch fluted cutter and then a 1 to 1 1/4-inch round cutter for the centers.

Baking is the easy part. Decorating requires creating a glaze and adding the herbs and candies. The result is a deliciously lemony cookie that definitely looks like it belongs at a holiday celebration.

Get the full recipe here from Martha Stewart’s website.

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