How Miami’s Zoo Will Keep Animals Safe As It Closes For Hurricane Ian

While Hurricane Ian isn’t expected to make landfall on South Florida, workers at Zoo Miami are already preparing to keep animals safe in case flooding of strong winds hit the zoo’s grounds.

The National Weather Service, the Miami area, could see a very large amount of rain from Sept. 27 to 28.

In a post to Instagram, Zoo Miami staff said, “zoo staff will spend Tuesday storing any objects that may become airborne or vulnerable in strong winds.”

Many wonder what will happen to the animals and how the zoo will keep them safe.

“Animals will be secured in their evening holding areas early on Tuesday with their diets and fresh water in preparation for what likely will be an extended period of what will hopefully only be inclement weather but ready for what may be worse,” the zoo said in a statement.

The zoo said that if weather permits and if there is no significant damage, it will open back up on Thursday so that animals aren’t waiting too long.

As the Miami Herald reported, during Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the storm demolished the zoo’s flamingo habitat. Birds were herded into a bathroom facility to protection.

The zoo spent 10 years rebuilding completely after the catastrophic Cat 5 storm, and the aviary did not reopen until 2001.

By Douglas Jones, Scripps National