Michael Phelps Is Expecting Baby No. 3

Former Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and his wife, Nicole, shared some very important news with fans on March 31. He and his wife are expecting their third baby! The couple shared the news on their Instagram accounts.

Dad Michael wrote, “#3 on the way! Can’t wait to see the journey that this takes us on!!!” The caption accompanied a photo of his two sons, Boomer and Beckett, who are 2 years old and 13 months old respectively, sitting together in an adorable motorized toy truck:


Similarly, his wife wrote, “Oops we did it again,” sharing the same photo of their two boys. “I get to be a mama x3!!”

Clearly, the parents are excited about growing their family to include one more little one. However, based on the “#boyorgirl” that the father included in his Instagram caption, the couple is either unsure of the sex of the third baby or not quite ready to share the news just yet. One thing’s for certain — we can’t wait to find out!

It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for the Phelps family. The swimmer and his wife were married in June 2016 and just one month before that, the couple welcomed their first child together. By February 2018, they had welcomed a second son, and now, both of their boys are mobile and running everywhere they go. In fact, the mom joked that she and her husband “#cantkeepup” on Instagram:


Because after all, it wasn’t long ago that their youngest son was just a baby. Boy, how time flies!

The mom took a moment to reminisce about when her youngest was a wee baby on Instagram.

“Sweet Beckett where has the time gone,” she wrote. “I can’t believe this was a year ago and at about this exact time. You’ve changed my world in ways I’ve never imagined.”


And with a third child on the way, the parents’ lives are going to change even more.

But, it’s nothing this couple can’t handle, as growing their family has only helped them to grow as a couple.

“I love my wife for everything she does for me and our kids,” Michael told People magazine in April 2018. “It has been really cool for us, as a couple, to go through that. Nicole and I have been through everything you can imagine publicly and privately and this is only going to help and grow and strengthen our relationship.”

Congratulations to this couple and their parenthood journey! Baby number three will surely add even more fun into the mix.