Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams is engaged

Destiny Child’s singer Michelle Williams has wedding bells in her future! She and pastor Chad Johnson are engaged to be married, and they plan to wed this summer.

The couple got engaged on March 21 — and not wasting any time waiting for the wedding! In fact, Johnson has been in wedding planning mode since the moment he proposed with a 5-carat diamond ring.

“She was, like, ‘Can we just revel in the moment, relish the feeling?’ And I’m, like, ‘Let’s go, let’s go,'” Johnson, who has been a chaplain to professional sports teams including the Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers and L.A. Dodgers, told People.

The couple opened up about how excited they are to start their lives together, especially since they found each other later in life.

“I was getting ready to turn 40, she’s in her late 30s,” Johnson told People magazine about when the couple first met. “Neither of us have been married, had children, and I think you just get to a place sometimes where you’re just so career-driven, so focused on what you’re doing at the moment, that it’s kind of a comfort zone. … Both of us were in very similar places on a personal level.”

Not only did Williams recently get engaged, but she also performed with Destiny’s Child at Coachella. So, the past month has definitely been full of incredible moments for the singer!

But the best part of all was having Johnson to support her through it.

“You have covered me, prayed for me and told me that wherever I go, and whatever stage I stand on to be a light,” she wrote on an Instagram post, which shows a photo of her after she got offstage. “I’ve waited yeeeeeeears for someone who could come in to my world and be CONFIDENT and NOT insecure.”

From this special time in her life, Williams has learned something very important, and was eager to share it with others.

“Don’t lose hope in love,” she told People. “I do think you should not focus so much that if you’re not in love that you get depressed about it. … Just don’t lose hope. But definitely be doing what you can do to make yourself a better person for the person that possibly is on the way for you.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!