Microsoft stores are hosting free tech camps for kids this summer

Looking for fun and free activities to occupy your kids this summer and get them out of the house — while also possibly teaching them something? Microsoft will be hosting children’s camps at its store locations this summer.

Not only will kids who are at least 6 years old have fun working on projects like coding, programming a robot or filming and editing their own movies, but the digital skills they acquire could help prepare them for their future career.

According to the company, every Microsoft store will host multiple camps that each focus on a different learning theme and consist of one or more two-hour sessions.

Courtesy of Microsoft

Here are descriptions of some of the summertime workshops Microsoft will offer, beginning in May and running through the end of August:

Beginners Fun With Computers And Coding (Ages 6+)

Aimed at slightly younger kids, aged 6-8, who are new to using computers, this camp will teach the basics of how computers work as well as introduce kids to coding through a hands-on experience. They will even get to teach their parents how to do a coding activity.

Make Your Own Movie (Ages 8+)

If your child wants to be the next Steven Spielberg or Ava DuVernay, give them a head-start with this summer camp. Attendees will create their own movies, from story-boarding to editing, using Microsoft’s latest 3D animation and movie-making software. At the end of the camp, there will even be a premiere of the kids’ movies for them and their families to enjoy.

Code A Talking Robot (Ages 8+)

During this camp, kids will get hands-on experience with OhBot, an 8-inch tall robot, and learn how to program it to move its eyes, eyelids, mouth and lips, essentially bringing OhBot to life.


Creating A Difference In Your World (Ages 8+)

This camp will help kids become future philanthropists. They will learn about ways they can use technology to do good in their communities, as well as about the business of fundraising, volunteering and creating awareness for their chosen cause.

Minecraft Coding (Ages 8+)

Using the popular video game “Minecraft” and Microsoft’s own learn-to-code editing program, children will learn about the fundamentals of coding in this immersive workshop. This camp’s lessons are based in common core standards for K-12 computer sciences, according to Microsoft.

Courtesy of Microsoft

Be sure to check Microsoft’s website to find the store location nearest you and the dates of each camp. Although these programs are completely free, pre-registration is encouraged and parents are required to stay inside the store during the duration of the workshops.