Meet the Midwestern mom who looks just like Meghan Markle

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Akeisha Land is a 39-year-old mom of two living in Kansas City, Missouri. Although she leads a pretty ordinary life, she looks like she could be royalty. In fact, she’s a dead ringer for Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Land’s Instagram photos went viral after some eagle-eyed users noticed that she bears a striking resemblance to Prince Harry’s wife.

Here she is with her daughter, Greyson, wearing matching sweatshirts with the word “love” written across the front. You can easily see that her resemblance to the royal is pretty uncanny.

Land is well aware that people see a likeness between her and Meghan, but because she doesn’t normally post photos of herself on social media, this is the first time she has gained such widespread notice for being a celebrity lookalike. In the comments of her above post, people couldn’t help but notice how much she looks like the actor-turned-royal.

“You look a lot like Meghan Markle, but you have your own beauty and a great smile,” wrote @beautyinspired123. “Also you and your children are drop-dead gorgeous.”

We’d say that observation is right-on, judging by this beautiful family picture of Land along with her kids and husband. Thankfully, he doesn’t look like Harry or else this whole thing would be really eerie!

The Instagram account Land runs is actually under her daughter’s name and it has picked up more than 191,000 followers, many of whom have commented on her famous resemblance.

“I often have people come up to me, even people that know me, and say, ‘Has anyone ever told you that you look like …’ and because I’ve heard it so much over the past couple of years it always makes me laugh, because I know who they’re going to say before they even finish their sentence,” Land told NBC’s “Today.”

To be honest, I did a double take myself when I saw this selfie that Land posted to Instagram:

Land has a great idea of how she might capitalize on her stunning resemblance.

“I always joke and say I need to have someone reach out to her people to let them know that I’m always up for filling in for her as her doppelg√§nger if she doesn’t want to go to any of the events she’s invited to,” she told England’s Daily Mail.

Now that Meghan will be spending a lot more time in North America, perhaps Land will get the opportunity to be her substitute!

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