Might a rage room be the best way to bust your stress?

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You’ve probably heard before that a good sweat session is good for relieving stress. While any form of exercise can help you get out pent-up aggression, some people really like to actually hit something—hard. A good ol’ punching bag is always a reliable option, but if you’re looking to take your anger-release activity to the next level, you might consider visiting a “rage room.”

“Rage rooms” are dedicated spaces where people pay money to smash up objects like laptops, phones and dishes to their heart’s content. Don’t you feel better already? One such room is in New York City, and it’s known as The Wrecking Club. For $70, you can enter the basement of an inconspicuous-looking office building located in midtown Manhattan, don some hard hats and protective glasses, grab a baseball bat and smash away until you feel all your frustrations melt away. Check out this video of some people going to town at The Wrecking Club:

In addition to clearing your head and relieving some stress after a long week, it also serves as a great way to get your heart rate up. “It’s a great thing — the amount of energy that it exerts when you smash a bunch a stuff in a room — it’s just like a workout, an intense one,” The Wrecking Club’s founder, Tom Daly, told TODAY.

Daly also says The Wrecking Club is a great alternative for those looking to break out of the usual dinner-and-a-movie rut.”There’s tons of restaurants and movies to go to, but I think people get bored of doing those over and over again … People are always looking for something new to do — that spice-of-life type of thing,” he explains.

The Wrecking Room is not the only “rage room” out there. At the Anger Room in Dallas, you can smash stuff up for five, 15 or 25 minutes, depending on your level of frustration (and budget). Their site also indicates that for a limited time, they are offering the “Couple’s Lash Out,” in which you and your significant other get 10 minutes to blow off some steam as a pair. Sounds better than couples’ therapy!


Our neighbors to the north have gotten in on the trend with the Rage Room in Toronto. “We thought it was a good idea for Toronto because it is such a high-stress city,”  Time Cheung, co-founder of Battle Sports, the larger facility of which the Rage Room is a part, told the Huffington Post. “Everyone so far loves the experience and are satisfied to the extent that they feel relaxed.”

As more and more of these places where you can let it all out in a controlled setting pop up, it’s clear the concept is becoming “all the rage.”

Still, not all experts are convinced it’s a healthy way to manage your emotions. “I would never suggest doing something like that … I don’t know how it can be relaxing,”  Shahnaz Ahmed, a therapist who specializes in anger management in Toronto, told the Huffington Post. “When [people] are stressed, they can break a cup, slam the door or break the wall, but these are not healthy ways to cope.”

So what do you think? Would you give a “rage room” a try?


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