These Milestone Cards For Premature Babies Help Parents Celebrate Important Moments

Miracle Mumma

Special moments call for extra-special cards. And there are few moments more special than important milestones reached by the tiniest of superheroes. That’s why these cards from Miracle Mumma are really resonating with parents of premature babies.

The cards, created by Amy Purling, are a beautiful reminder that each and every milestone in a preemie’s life is worth celebrating. No one understands that more than Purling. The idea for these precious cards came out of her own experience when her son James was born at just 30 weeks.

During James’ hospital stay, she journaled and snapped photos to keep family and friends up-to-date. But, having a premature baby can be overwhelming. So, Purling wanted to make documenting the experience easier for other parents going through the same thing.

milestone cards
Miracle Mumma

“Celebrating these precious moments helped me heal and gave me strength in a tough time. And then it hit me—why not combine the two?! I wanted the picture to also tell the story. And so the premature baby milestone cards were born,” she writes on her website.

These special cards easily share major milestones with messages like “First cuddle with Mum” and “I wore my first outfit today,” putting words to these pivotal events in the lives of parents and their fighting babes when the parents are likely too stressed and exhausted to do it themselves.

milestone cards
Miracle Mumma

The cards are available in a variety of options: boy, girl, gender neutral and even twins. Each pack includes 36 cards to capture every moment from birth until the joyful day the little one finally comes home.

Miracle Mumma milestone cards
Miracle Mumma

To hold all these sweet cards and photos, Miracle Mumma is working on a Premature Baby Book. This scrapbook-style book will make holding onto each of these big moments a breeze. And, for parents fighting right alongside these tiny babies, something so simple can be a huge gift.

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