Miley Cyrus And Adam Sandler Sing Duet For Victims Of Las Vegas Shooting

Miley Cyrus Adam Sandler
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On Sunday night in Las Vegas, a gunman killed at least 58 people and injured more than 500 others at a country music concert.

Americans are left looking for answers, comfort and hope during this heartbreaking time. On the Tuesday night episode of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Miley Cyrus and Adam Sandler helped bring just a little peace and hope to viewers who were raw and hurting after a day of terrible news.

Cyrus sang a beautiful rendition of Dido’s “No Freedom,” alongside Sandler, who played the guitar and harmonized. The result was beautiful, uplifting and powerful.

Wow. Cyrus has at times been a lightning rod for controversy, but one thing is for certain: She is supremely talented and has a gorgeous voice.

For his part, Sandler provided the perfect accompaniment. It was a somber performance from a pair who are generally known for being larger-than-life, but it is a testament to how deeply we all feel the tragedy in Las Vegas, whether we are multi-millionaire celebrities or an average American.

Many people say that they were deeply moved by Cyrus and Sandler’s duet, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts:

Later on “The Tonight Showm” Cyrus also performed her song “The Climb” and dedicated it to the Las Vegas shooting victims.

“The Climb” is probably her best-known (and best-loved) song, and one that she hasn’t sung in years. But as she proves, her voice only gets better with time, and the lyrics have more meaning now than ever:

It’s a message that we really needed to hear last night, and for many more nights to come:

Other TV hosts known for their humor took a serious turn to address the shootings, from Jimmy Kimmel to Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen began her show with a monologue about Las Vegas and the importance of not losing hope.

“It is very easy to lose hope, and we cannot do that,” she said, before showing a montage of clips highlighting good in humanity. It’s powerful and moving and certainly worth a watch:

Here’s to using art to sustain hope and bring comfort to the country during this tough time.

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