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Milk And Cookies Fudge Is The Perfect Blend Of Everyone’s Favorite Treat

Holy cow this sounds amazing!

You can’t beat milk and cookies as a midnight (or even mid-day) snack. Fortunately, there are lots of options to enjoy those same flavors in other desserts. While cookie dough ice cream gets most of the attention, we encourage you to give milk and cookies fudge a try.

For this recipe from Back For Seconds, all you’ll need to create this fudge are white chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, cookies, and mini chocolate chips.

Melt the white chocolate and combine it with the sweetened condensed milk and chopped cookies before pouring it into a baking dish. Then top with the mini chocolate chips for added sweetness and an adorable presentation.

The Back For Seconds recipe uses homemade chocolate chip cookies, but you don’t have to make cookies from scratch, of course. However, the recipe does recommend storing them in the freezer before combining them with the melted chocolate chips and other ingredients — that way, the fudge only has to refrigerate for four hours before you can eat it!

Once the fudge has set, it’s ready to be sliced and served:

Back For Seconds

A recipe from Marsha’s Baking Addiction suggests using store-bought mini chocolate chip cookies to create the fudge. Instead of topping with extra chocolate chips, this version uses more mini cookies as a topping for a presentation that’ll taste just as good as it looks:

Marsha's Baking Addiction

There’s the chance that your family is full of dunking personalities. Maybe some prefer dipping chocolate chip cookies in milk while others enjoy the Oreo and milk combination. If this sounds like your crew, you’re going to love this Cookie Monster fudge recipe from Something Swanky, which combines multiple kinds of cookies into one incredible dessert option.

The recipe calls for Oreos and Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. Instead of using white chocolate chips in this version, use blue candy melts to really embrace the Cookie Monster aesthetic and make this extra fun for the kids. You could also try adding blue food coloring to white chocolate to achieve the Cookie Monster effect. (Of course, plain ol’ white chocolate will do in this recipe, too!)

In the end, you’ll wind up with something incredibly fun and oh-so-sweet:

Something Swanky

Milk and cookie lovers are sure to gobble up any of these recreations. So, instead of setting out the glasses of milk and plate of cookies tonight, give fudge a try instead. We have a feeling there won’t be any complaints!