Miller Lite now has a nutcracker that cracks open your beer

Miller Lite Beercracker, nutcracker that opens beer bottles and cans, next to beer cans and poinsettia wreath
Miller Lite

There’s no denying that nutcrackers are a holiday staple — but if you prefer getting your Christmas cheer from adult beverages, Miller Lite has a new accessory you will want to add to your decor collection.

The brand’s new Miller Lite Beercracker is inspired by classic nutcrackers. Instead of cracking nuts, though, it opens beer cans and bottles.

The Beercracker is dressed in beer-inspired clothing including barley boots, a pilsner foam cape and hopleaf buttons. Plus, it has two beer openers: one in the mouth for bottles and one in the removable hat for cans.

The Miller Lite Beercracker will be available for purchase on Miller Lite’s website for $29.95 from Nov. 29-Dec. 1. A limited quantity will be available each day while supplies last, so if you don’t get one on Nov. 29, check back on the two days following for your opportunity.

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Miller Lite BeerCracker, nutcracker that opens beer bottles and cans, next to beer and poinsettia wreath
Miller Lite

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You’ll find dozens of other gifts for the beer lovers in your life on Miller Lite’s website as well, like this set of six Beernaments that not only hang on the tree but also act as cups and hold a 12-ounce beer each. You can also buy string lights, a wearable blanket and a knit holiday sweater.

Happy holidays!


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