‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About Her Health Struggles And Hearing Loss

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If you are like the millions of viewers who are obsessed with Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” then you are probably equally obsessed with the show’s little leading lady: Millie Bobby Brown. The 13-year-old British actress exudes talent and grace that defies her young age. But she also has a disability that many do not realize: She is deaf in one ear.

Brown made the revelation in a recent interview with “Variety” magazine. She explained she was born with partial hearing loss in one ear, and then after years of tubes, she eventually lost all of her hearing.

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However, the confident starlet has not let her difficulty hearing affect her drive or her passion for acting…or singing! She explained:

“I just started to sing, and if I sound bad I don’t care, because I’m just doing what I love. You don’t have to be good at singing. You don’t have to be good at dancing or acting. If you like to do it, if you genuinely enjoy doing it, then do it. No one should stop you.”

That’s the right attitude!

The good news is that Brown actually is a talented songstress. Check out the evidence for yourself. Here she is singing a couple bars of Bruno Mars’ song “Just The Way You Are”:

And here she is rapping Nicki Minaj’s lines from the Kanye West song “Monster” at Salt Lake Comic Con:

It’s important that an actress in the public eye right now is speaking up about her partial deafness. Two or three out of every 1,000 children in the United States is born with hearing loss in one ear, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Hearing Disorders.

Brown will no doubt be an inspiration for these kids who have ever been embarrassed by their tubes or upset that their ears work differently than their friends.

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It is so awesome to see someone fearlessly embracing her talent and being unafraid to share her voice with the world. Even with her hearing issues, Millie Bobby Brown lets nothing hold her back!

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