Millionaire’s Shortbread Is A Truly Rich Dessert

Why have average shortbread when you could have millionaire’s shortbread? It’s hard to know exactly when and where this dessert picked up its title, but according to The Guardian, the use of the term “millionaire’s shortbread” can be traced back to the 1970s, when it was used in the Australian Women’s Weekly — even though the treat seems to have originated in Scotland.

The name’s origin might be mysterious, but we can probably all agree that it has something to do with how rich and decadent it is. These bars consist of a layer of delightfully crisp shortbread, gooey caramel and chocolate ganache, after all.

So they’re much too good to be enjoyed by millionaires alone. Whatever your budget, let’s get in the kitchen and get baking.

A recipe from Brown Eyed Baker describes this dessert as “a fancy version of a Twix bar,” so she’s definitely speaking our language with this. Check out the full recipe, of course, but the basics are flour, dark brown sugar and cornstarch for the cookie base; sweetened condensed milk, brown sugar and vanilla extract for the caramel center; and chocolate and heavy cream for the topping. Yum!

Allow some time for assembly. You’ll start by baking the shortbread crust. Then, layer on the caramel and allow it to cool until set before finally topping with the chocolate and chilling for at least an hour.

Once they’re ready to be sliced and served, you’ll impress yourself and your fancy friends with this high-class, low-cost treat:

Brown Eyed Baker

If you’d like to spare yourself a little time when making this delicious dessert, you can follow along with this recipe from Carnation, which suggests crushing shortbread cookies and combining them with melted butter as a shortcut. That way, you’re not creating the bottom layer from scratch, but nor are you scrimping on taste.

The recipe also suggests swirling white chocolate on the top layer so your dessert will look nothing short of amazing when you’re finished:


Eating like a millionaire may not exactly fit into your New Year healthy lifestyle goals, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. You can try making this vegan, gluten-free version from The Little Blog Of Vegan, which calls for substituting coconut milk for heavy cream and making your own caramel from the process of caramelizing coconut sugar.

In the end, you’ll wind up with a dessert that’s closer to some of your healthy eating goals but still maintains its “millionaire” status:

The Little Blog Of Vegan

So, who’s ready to test out this millionaire lifestyle, at least as far as dessert’s concerned? Our silver forks are ready!

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