Mindy Kaling Tasted A Bunch Of Oreo Flavors In A Funny Video and This Was Her Favorite

Turns out Mindy Kaling is just as big of an Oreo fan as the rest of us. She loves the cookie so much that she decided to have a taste test of some of the most unique flavors out there and share her thoughts about each one in a series of videos posted to her Instagram Stories.

Oreo didn’t pay her to talk about their cookies, so you can guarantee you’re getting nothing but Kaling’s genuine opinion on these flavors — not that she would have sugar-coated her criticism otherwise.

She posted about the taste-testing session in honor of National Oreo Day to her Instagram on March 7 and directed her followers to watch her try each one via Instagram Stories:


The post gives a preview of the Oreo-eating session, showing Kaling sitting in the kitchen with several boxes of Oreo cookies and a huge Cookie Monster mug of milk, naturally.

The actress sampled six different flavors: birthday cake, mint, lemon, chocolate peanut butter pie, red velvet and Most Stuf. She even admitted to ordering the Most Stuf Oreos online after not being able to track them down in a store, so clearly, she fully committed to National Oreo Day (which was March 6), reminding us all why we love her so much in the first place.

You can see the full review of each cookie in this video from the Celebrity Gossip YouTube channel:


She ranked each cookie on a 10-point scale, with 10 being the highest a flavor could receive. The birthday cake Oreo came in as her least favorite, garnering a rating of three out of 10.

The cookie taking the second-place slot was chocolate peanut butter pie, which had Kaling saying “Whoa” after just one bite. All in all, she said this chocolate peanut butter combo was “very good.”

Without a doubt, her personal favorite — receiving a score of 10 out of 10 — was the Most Stuf Oreo. She started by saying that these have “an obscene amount of cream — much more than Double Stuf.”

After biting into the decadent cookie, she said “Oh my god, this is so good … It’s like cream with a hint of cookie, which is exactly how I like my cookies.”

So, there was definitely a clear winner here, folks.

Fans of the actress and of Oreos alike couldn’t help but absolutely love this video. Because nothing’s better than a Kaling-cookie combo!

Kaling’s fans took to Twitter to tell her their favorite flavors. Twitter user @JuliannePMoney is also a Most Stuf lover:


And many thought that this was just the kind of content needed. Twitter user @davrajin wrote, “The world needs more videos like this. Not makeup tutorials. This.”:


And needless to say, it had plenty of people heading to the store to get themselves some Oreos. Twitter user @SavannahKeyes summed up everyone’s post-Kaling review mood with the perfect gif:

Craving Oreos right about now? You’re certainly not alone! Which flavor is your favorite?

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