Mini Gingerbread House Mug-Huggers Are The Cutest Holiday Must-Haves

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Gingerbread houses get more epic with each passing year, but we aren’t used to seeing them in miniature form. Now, some genius has created mini gingerbread house mug-huggers, which fit perfectly on the side of your mugs as a decorative snack. Whether you are drinking coffee, hot cocoa, egg nog, hot cider or even a glass of milk, you can enjoy a seasonal sweet on the side!

Not to mention, they are just so dang cute. Just look at this:

EuphoriaDessertShop, Etsy

You can find made-to-order mini gingerbread houses in Etsy shops like EuphoriaDessertShop or ItsAMugThing .

ItsAMugThing, Etsy

Or you can make mini gingerbread houses yourself! It’s not as difficult as it looks, especially if you have mug-hugger cookie cutters. (Side note: Don’t you just love the term “mug-hugger”? It sounds like something from a Dr. Seuss book.)

Amazon currently has a good deal on these mug-hugger cookie cutters from Sur La Table. The set of four includes a heart, a snowman, a star and a mini gingerbread man:


Even without special mug-hugger cookie cutters, you can still make your own mini gingerbread houses this holiday season. This video from walks you through the step-by-step process of how to bake and build a tiny gingerbread house:

As you can see, this clever recipe requires nothing other a piece of paper in order to help create the mini gingerbread house shape.

Inhabitat, Youtube

You can decorate the roofs of your mini gingerbread houses with frosting, or add crushed up peppermint sticks or sprinkles for some additional holiday flair.

The nice part of this recipe is that you can easily modify it to fit your tastes, whether you want to make it vegan or you want to add more spice, like cloves, to your recipe.

These adorable mug-huggers make the perfect gift for a holiday gift exchange, or even for your kids’ teachers. Wrap them in festive paper and include gourmet hot cocoa, coffee and a mug or two.

[H/t: Country Living]

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