How to make mini pies with an item you definitely already have in your kitchen


This is a fact about food: Bite-sized anything is guaranteed to be amazing. The convenience of being able to pop something straight into your mouth and enjoy all of the flavors at once is pretty unbeatable. But did you know that you can create mini pies that make the perfect bite each and every time? Baking adorable mini pies has never been easier, either, thanks to this unexpected kitchen item: the ice tray.

Yes, you can use an ice tray to create equally-sized mini portions of pie. Not only are these desserts sure to be delicious, but they’re also super easy to make.

All you have to do is lay pie crust dough over an ice tray, place the pie filling in the center and top with another piece of dough to seal it tight. From there, it’s as easy as flipping over the ice cube tray to empty it and revealing ice cube-shaped mini pies that look like little pillows of yumminess. Just cut away the excess dough, and these little pies are ready to bake!

This video shows exactly how it’s done:

Now that you know how to whip up apple pie bites, don’t stop there! Since these bite-sized treats look a whole lot like Pizza Rolls, you may also be inspired to make some savory options to serve as appetizers, after-school snacks and more.

The Twisted YouTube channel has some ideas for savory concoctions, too:

While the ice tray may be the least obvious tool for creating pies, it isn’t the only kitchen item that can yield delicious mini pies. You can also use mini muffin tins, mason jar lids and even cookie cutters to create cute bite-sized versions of your favorite foods and desserts.

1. Mini Muffin Tin

This recipe from If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen demonstrates how you can use a mini muffin tin as the perfect vessel for filling and baking cute little blueberry pies. Yum!

2. Upside Down Muffin Tin

Using the bottom side of your muffin tin can yield just the right shape for mini pie crusts. If you’re using a pie recipe that’s meant to be refrigerated, such as this chocolate cream pie recipe from Beki Cook’s Cake Blog, then baking the pie crust while using the underside of the muffin tin to shape the dough is a great solution.

3. Mason Jar Lid

Yet another use for your trusty mason jars! The lids can actually be used to contain the cutest little mini pies. Plus, leaving the pies in the mason jar lids will make for an adorable display. This one gets points for presentation and taste! You can use this recipe from Created By Diane to recreate some mini mason jar lid pies for yourself.

4. Cookie Cutters

Pies don’t have to be circular! You can have some fun with cookie cutters to create some yummy mini desserts. This recipe at The Chic Life will show you how you can create heart-shaped pies for Valentine’s Day — or any occasion, really — using nothing but a cookie cutter.

Who knew so many possibilities lay in your kitchen? Knowing that ice trays, muffin tins and more can be repurposed to make mini pies could lead to all sorts of culinary adventures. This may change the way you eat pies — savory or sweet — for the better! Bon appétit!

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