Mini waffle maker stamps a pineapple on your breakfast


Pineapple just might be the official fruit of the spring and summer season. In fact, it’s kind of the queen of summer with its tall crown, thirst-quenching juice and sweet flavor. But this tropical fruit isn’t just delicious — it has also become a trendy design statement in home decor.

That’s why Dash, a kitchen appliance company that specializes in mini waffle makers, has jumped on board the pineapple bandwagon. The company has an adorable heart-shaped waffle maker and even one that makes pumpkin-shaped waffles, but now, Dash has a beautiful pineapple mini-waffle maker available for sale, and it’s just as cute as its other appliances.


If you are a pineapple fan, you will adore the Dash White Pineapple Mini Waffle Maker. The white exterior is covered with yellow and green illustrations of the fruit, and the colors will add a bright touch to any kitchen. The combination of its adorable print and its compact size means you can keep it out on display for easy access and to add a fun splash of color to your countertop (which is yet another trend in home decor).

The pineapple mini waffle iron not only has its signature fruit on the outside but also, in true Dash style, incorporates the design in the waffle iron itself. Simply pour your favorite waffle batter onto the iron and on one side, you’ll get the perfect imprint of a pineapple!


The waffle iron has a 4-inch cooking surface, which is the ideal size for individual servings or making a bunch to create mini waffle stacks. Coming in at just over a pound, the Dash White Pineapple Mini Waffle Maker is easily portable, too. So, you can bring it with you wherever you might want to indulge your waffle cravings.

You can also use the waffle maker to whip up other goodies in the kitchen, including paninis, hash browns and even pizzas.

Amazon currently has the Dash White Pineapple Mini Waffle Maker for $17.99 and it is eligible for free delivery for Prime members. We’ve also found it on the World Market website for $16.99.

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