Minnie Mouse Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The iconic Minnie Mouse first came to life in 1928, according to The Walt Disney Family Museum, and since then, the lovable character has become a household name. And now—90 years after her creation—Hollywood is honoring Minnie Mouse with her very own Walk of Fame star.

Mickey Mouse reportedly got his own spot on the Walk of Fame back in 1978, so it’s taken Minnie an additional 40 years to get the same recognition. She joins a long list of fictional characters with their own Hollywood stars, including Big Bird, Shrek, Snow White and Tinker Bell. It really is about time!

Minnie definitely got her chance to shine, though. Even Katy Perry, who was decked out in an adorable Minnie-esque dress, showed up to support of the mouse on her big day.

“The definition of ‘icon’ may fluctuate through the ages, but there are some undeniably special characters who are ‘iconic,’ and I can’t think of anyone who embodies that more than my dear friend, Minerva Mouse,” Perry said.

Minnie mouse katy perry photo
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Fans everywhere would arguably agree because they couldn’t have been prouder of Minnie on this very special occasion.

“I am in awe of Minnie,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another noted that Minnie was “so deserving” of this moment.

Many were so happy to see the icon finally getting her moment in the spotlight!


There was something a little extra special about the big reveal of Minnie’s star, too—besides the fact that her name was on it! The carpet they rolled out for her wasn’t your regular old red carpet. Instead, it was emblazoned with her unforgettable red-and-white polka dots. A special tribute for a very special lady.

Watch the exciting moment—which was 90 years in the making—unfold in the video below:

It is so refreshing to see Minnie totally owning this moment. What an inspiration to girls everywhere! There’s no telling what Minnie will go on to do from here.

She’s already stolen the hearts of so many people, and now even finally gotten the recognition she deserves from Hollywood. The sky really is the limit for Minnie, but no matter where she goes from here—one thing’s for sure — she’ll continue to be an inspiration to girls everywhere!