Minnie Mouse-Shaped Macarons Are Disneyland’s Cutest New Dessert

As if Disneyland wasn’t already magical enough, the amusement park had to go and release maybe the cutest dessert you’ve ever seen.

Minnie Mouse Rose Gold Macarons are the latest dessert option to become available at California’s Disneyland Resort. These things almost look too beautiful to eat. Almost.

According to the official Disneyland Today Twitter account, you can find this decadent dessert at Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream shop at Disney’s California Adventure, which is located just past the park’s entrance on Buena Vista Street. According to other reports, the dessert can also be found at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in Disneyland Park on Main Street, U.S.A.


The macarons are just as cute as you’d imagine. Minnie’s iconic head and ears are made of three French almond macaron cookies, which are rose gold in color. Sandwiched between them is a lemon verbena buttercream and strawberry compote. Finally, the bow is made of pink chocolate, according to the Disney-owned blog Oh My Disney.

All in all, these sound like the perfect treat during a day of park hopping. Oh, and a helpful tip: don’t get macarons confused with macaroons. Macarons are less sweet and made with almond while macaroons are very sweet and made with coconut.

How Do They Taste?

According to Instagram user disney.jen, the strawberry-lemon filling tastes like Fruity Pebbles.


Others who have tried the macaron agree that it’s quite yummy!

“These new Rose Gold Macarons are almost too pretty to eat! But we ate it anyway,” Another Disney-loving user wrote on Instagram.


Another Instagram user described the macarons as “surprisingly tasty.” They went on to describe the taste in further detail writing, “The lemon verbena buttercream has a nice little spice taste and the strawberry compote filling is yummy.”


According to insidethemagic.net, getting your hands on one of these treats will cost you $5.99. These will likely only be around for a limited time, but according to Disneyland Today, there’s no end date to this offer just yet.


It’s also unclear if these will be made available at Walt Disney World or any of the company’s other parks.

The Minnie Mouse Rose Gold Macarons are just one of many delicious desserts you can find at Disney Parks. The company recently released a new flavor of its beloved Dole Whip and Disneyland is also now selling Rose Gold Churros!

Even if you go to Disneyland for the dessert alone—you won’t be disappointed. So, who’s ready to eat their way through the theme park before these new macarons disappear for good? Sign me up!