Your Workout Just Got Cuter With New Balance’s Minnie Mouse Sneaker Collection

What do you think, Disney fans?

We know a lot of readers made New Year’s resolutions to exercise more this year, and that’s an important goal. However, let’s face it: January is a tough time of year to start a new healthy regime. Between the cold, the snow and the dark days, it can be hard to stay motivated to hit the gym.

Well, have we got an added incentive for you! New Balance has just rolled out six new pairs of Minnie Mouse-themed running sneakers, and y’all, they are EXACTLY what we need to keep us motivated and smiling during those tough sweat sessions:

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Yes, these super-cute sneaks will bring some Disney magic to your day, whether you are running to the grocery store or literally running.

With all the different style options, you can be sure to find the Minnie Mouse sneaker that best suits your personal style:

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Prices range from $74.99 to $139.99 and the shoes are available at various retailers,  including DSWShop Disney and of course, the New Balance website.

Each sneaker is inspired by Minnie Mouse’ signature colors (red, black and white) and features other nods to her epic sense of style, including polka dots and even a hidden pair of Minnie ears on the classic NERGIZE shoe:

Style Disney

So cute, right? The style is understated enough that only true Disney fans will pick up the tiny details. Think of these sneakers as a way to subtly broadcast your love of Minnie Mouse to others!

If you’re a Disney fan but not exactly a big Minnie fan (hmm, there’s no accounting for taste), you can still enjoy the New Balance runDisney collection. They have running sneakers that are “Toy Story”-themed, “Haunted Mansion”-themed, “Mad Tea Party”-themed and “Space Mountain”-themed:

New Balance

How cool are those shoes!? Now if they would only make a “Great Mouse Detective”-themed sneaker, maybe, just maybe I would get off my butt and go for a run.

[H/t: Pop Sugar]